Are you looking to make your Amsterdam holiday a truly memorable one? Do you keep asking yourself about what to do in Amsterdam? One of the best experiences that you can have while you are in the Netherlands is renting a boat. But not all services are the same. Water Sport Bank is one of the top boat rental companies in the Netherlands. You can depend on Water Sport Bank to provide you with the best service available in Amsterdam.


Boat Rental in Amsterdam

Water Sport Bank is a well-known company in the Netherlands because of its boat rental services. Ever since it started decades ago, the brand and the quality of their work has been the standard of up and coming service providers in Amsterdam. Their service is only superseded by the reputation that they have among the locals and the tour guides in and around the city.

Penichette Rental in Amsterdam

If you like more of French influence on you, you can choose our penichette rental option. You will delightfully your travels while onboard French designed houseboats. The penichette is modeled after the French barge. The boat was originally made in the 1970s in Peniche, France. Although the penichette is mainly used in France, you can get the same experience of riding and staying in one when you get Water Sport Bank’s services.


Amsterdam canal tour

How about enjoying the canals of Amsterdam through our personal and guided tours? Fall in love with our canals and our river as you converse about the charm and the beauty of the Netherlands. Take pictures and see the structures that have long stood the test of time. You will have the time of your life as you sit back and relax on your personal boat. View the sights and hear the sounds of the canal tour and enjoy your vacation in the Netherlands.